Hi Year 4!!

Well done year 4! YOU MADE IT TO HALF TERM. Have a fantastic half term and make sure to have lots of fun. Have a fun day away from the screens again today. You should all be so proud of yourselves. You have all worked so hard to complete your work and it has been a pleasure to read. Keep being amazing.

Speak soon!

Mr Farrier, Miss Thompson and Miss Hauxwell 🙂


Today you will be completing your spelling test. Please get an adult to test you, try your best and good luck! Make sure to send me your scores at the end of the day.

bigger fattest fitter flattest thinner maddest redder saddest slimmer wettest

picture feature adventure miniature signature temperature manufacture capture creature figure furniture future mixture mature puncture

Activities for the day…

Here are some ideas for activities that you could complete today. Pick an activity from each hour or make some up of your own. Have fun and enjoy yourself.