The school council is made up of 14 children. Two children from each year group, from Reception through to Year 6. Council members are selected in September using a voting system and are supported by Mrs Kendall.

School council meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month. Each meeting has a different focus whereby school council members get to voice and share their opinions about issues around the school. The children representing school council are responsible for reporting feedback to their peers. They represent the student body. We have a school council ambassador, Zak Knight (Y6) who feeds back information from our meeting to Mrs Padgett, the Headteacher.

The school council will tackle important issues surrounding the local area as well as the wider world. 

Handale School’s council members


Year 1 – Nevaeh

Year 2 – Ryan

Year 3 – Dexter and Tia

Year 4 – Penelope and Issac

Year 5 – Anabel and Luca

Year 6 – Theo and Poppy

School council ambassador – Zak Knight

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