Our School Day

School opens for breakfast club at 7.30am each day and closes at 4.15pm when clubs are finished, with the exception of a Friday when school closes at 3.15pm. This equates to 43 hours each week.

Pupils must be in school by 8.45am for registration and teaching ends at 3.15pm. This equates to 32.5 hours each week.

Our official school time is 8.45am the school doors open for all children from 8.30am. During this time the children complete a variety of activities linked to prior learning, with the teachers and teaching assistants.

8.30 am Nursery and Pre- Nursery
8.30 am School gates open – Staff on duty on the playground
8.45 am Official school start time
8.55 am Registration
10.30am Morning Break
11.30 am Morning Nursery and Pre-Nursery closes
12.15 pm Nursery and Pre- Nursery children arrive
12.45 pm Registration and afternoon lessons begin
3.15 pm End of school day – All pupils will be escorted out by their class teacher each day,  uncollected children will be taken to the school office
3.15 pm – 4.00 pm After School Clubs (See separate timetable)


10.30 am KS2 break
10.45 am KS1 break
12.00 pm Lunch break

A child is recorded late after the gates close at 8.50 am. Children who are late will need to enter school via the office to be marked in on the registers. Any children arriving after 9.15am will receive an unauthorised absence mark. These marks will affect 100% attendance.


Day / Time Year Group  Location
Tuesday 9.00 am Whole School Hall
Monday 2.30 pm Whole class worship Classroom
Wednesday 2.30 pm Whole class Singing and Worship Hall
Thursday 2.20 pm Class Assemblies Hall
Friday 2.30 pm Celebration Assembly Hall
In addition, 15 minutes daily reflections are presented in each class each day.

After School Clubs

These are decided at the beginning of each term and use external providers as well as Teachers / Teaching Assistants.

This term we have…

TuesdayHandale Society – Community Group
WednesdayStory telling through art