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Learning and caring together

Handale Values and Ethos

‘Learning and Caring Together’

Handale Primary School is an amazing school with a community feel. The children are at the centre of everything here, they are precious and valued.

Work hard, aim high

Show Respect

Be Kind

Our school aims to develop children in to be ‘good citizens’, who will go on to do ‘great things.’ Developing children’s aspirations through positive attitudes, resilience, kindness and care are central to the daily life at Handale Primary School.

The bedrock encompasses all of school life, but particularly the approach and policies of the school in relation to:

  • Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE – Including Relationship and Sex Education)
  • Fundamental British Values
  • Behaviour
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Moral (SMSC) aspects of school life.

In order to realise this vision, in every day practice and interaction, at Handale Primary School, we live by a set of six virtues – which are kindness, respect, resilience, fairness, teamwork and ambition.


This is closely linked to the Fundamental British Values of Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

  • This is taught through the ‘Relationships’ and ‘our PSHE curriculum.
  • Children work with a range of local stakeholders, cementing the school in our community through kindness, for example community work, creating cards and gifts for Christmas.
  • Children read stories and sing for local community events. 
  • School pets across school
  • Children draw up a range of local stakeholders whom they want to work with during the year and they choose a local Charity to support.
  • Reading stories and singing for local community events and locations – e.g. Christmas songs at the old people’s home
  • Collecting and raising money for charities – such as the local food bank and national charities, such as the NSPCC. Volunteering themselves as a resource – within school and community  
  • Class buddies to support  those children who need it (a specific intervention for those who struggle to make friends)
  • Buddies and Play Leaders to support children at lunchtime.


This is closely linked to the Fundamental British Values of Mutual Respect, Tolerance and the Rule of Law.

  • This is taught through the ‘Relationships’ and our PSHE curriculum.
  • Our RE curriculum promotes this value strongly, allowing children to learn about a range of faiths and what makes these religions special. This includes trips to and visitors from different faiths. 
  • We have close links with local churches, inviting members in for assemblies and key events.
  • Our school visit programme includes visits to a range of locations, teaching children how to ‘be’ in a church, theatre, gallery etc.
  • We consciously decide to ensure a range of people are invited into school, reflecting the diverse population of our country.
  • All staff have a relentless focus on manners and being polite. Children are expected to demonstrate good manners and represent our school well, speaking politely and showing respect for one another, 
  • Children take responsibility for maintaining their own school environment through keeping it tidy and looking after equipment. They scrape and tidy away their own plates and cutlery from the very start of school. They are part of the planning process for developing the school environment. 
  • We offer opportunities for the children to discuss and debate regularly across the curriculum, giving them the chance to express their thoughts whilst respecting others’ opinions. 
  • Whilst encouraging children to be proud of their achievements, we also foster the ability for children to be humble and to think about others when celebrating


This is closely linked to the Fundamental British Value of Individual Liberty – being brave, positive and having self-belief.

  • From the very first day of school, children at Handale Primary School are encouraged to persevere with academic, personal or social challenges. 
  • Resilience is rewarded in class. We aim to foster an attitude where children enjoy the challenge of work and feel a real sense of pride when they persevere with something and achieve. 
  • Teachers set work in class that encourages resilience. They will always encourage children to try first before offering further support, promoting a ‘can-do’ attitude in our learners. 
  • When children ‘sign up’ to a role, club or experience, we encourage them to never give up, promoting endurance and determination.
  • We encourage children to stand up for themselves and others through our PSHE curriculum, linked to our ‘Relationships’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’ strands. 
  • We teach children how to recognise bullying and the importance of speaking out. We want children to have the courage and conviction to do the right thing, even if they may not always want to.
  • We ensure that our school is a safe space for children to share, open up and articulate feelings and beliefs by interweaving opportunities for children to discuss and debate regularly across the curriculum.
  • We teach children how to interact in complete sentences so that they can confidently communicate their ideas, thoughts and emotions. 
  • The children are given lots of opportunities to show courage through speaking in front of others in pairs, groups, classes and through performances and presentations. 
  • We encourage children to try a wide variety of foods through our termly menus to teach them the value of aiming for a varied diet.  
  • The ‘mental wellbeing’ and ‘feelings and attitudes’ aspects of the PSCHE curriculum
  • Buddies and Play Leaders in the Playground and dining Hall – these are the school’s ‘Official Helpers’, formally applying, going through interviews and training, must stick at it –with the privilege comes responsibility!


This is closely linked to the Fundamental British Value of Democracy.

  • This is taught through the ‘Relationships’ and our PSHE curriculum, teaching the children how to be honest and good citizens, making sure that if they see injustice they feel morally obliged to do something. 
  • Through excellent relationships with the children, we foster a sense of honesty, where children are not afraid to tell the truth if they have made a wrong decision. Our consistent, restorative approach to behaviour issues means that children understand that they are being treated with fairness and in turn demonstrate honesty.  
  • We develop a culture of voting through the election of head pupils, school council representatives, voting for books to read at the end of the day in Reception and Key Stage 1 and through assemblies. 
  • School councillors for each class work to improve the school. These are voted for by the children in their class.
  • Every child will represent the school at sporting events as an equitable offer – this is explained and valued.

Team Work

This is closely linked to the Fundamental British Values of Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

  • This is taught through the ‘Relationships’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’ within our PSHE curriculum.
  • Every child will have the opportunity to be part of a team within the classroom, across the school and through wider opportunities in our community.  


This is closely linked the Fundamental British Value of Individual Liberty – making our own choices and reaching for the stars.

  • We ensure that our school is a safe space for children to share, open up and articulate feelings and beliefs by interweaving opportunities for children to discuss and debate regularly across the curriculum.
  • As children progress through school, we aim to develop leadership opportunities for them:
    • Year 6 job roles and responsibilities
    • Year 6 Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl
    • School Councillors
    • Reading Ambassadors
    • Sports Leaders
    • Playground Leaders
    • Pupil Ambassadors
  • In order to be ambitious, our mission is to empower our children to be independent.

We encourage our children to be independent and brave outside of school through events such as…

ReceptionYear 1/2Year 3/4Year 5/6
After SchoolAfter school ClubsOutward Bound ResidentialCity Residential

All of these skills and qualities will put the children of Handale Primary School at the forefront of learning, along with the career pathway curriculum on offer, the children can become anything they aspire to be with the drive to follow their ambitions and dreams.

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