Our Vision and Intent for Music at Handale…

At Handale Primary School, we follow the Charanga scheme to support and improve the quality of music teaching that children receive at our school. Charanga works seamlessly with the national curriculum ensuring that learners revisit the interrelated dimensions of music: pulse, voice, pitch and rhythm- building upon previous learning and skills. The learning within this Scheme is based on: Listening and Appraising, Musical Activities, creating and exploring and singing and performing.  

Music is taught as a separate subject, but links may be made to other learning such as the children’s topic work for that term. All learners from EYFS to Y6 receive a weekly music lesson supported by Charanga. Pupils are taught music for approximately for 30 minutes a week with an additional 30 minute music assembly.

The Charanga music scheme allows children to experience a new topic and style of music every half term. Music lessons provide children with the opportunity to listen and respond to different styles of music, use their voices and instruments to listen and sing back and have a go at composing their own piece of music. The lessons are planned so that each year children follow on from the learning they completed the previous year and clear progression is evident across the school. 

In addition to the taught music, curriculum learners listen to a range of music styles and genres in assembly, as well as having a singing assembly every week. 

Selected year groups across the school have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as part of their music lessons. Children spend the first few weeks learning about the instrument they are going to play and also have a chance to practice the notes and rhythm. Pupils have the opportunity to perform for teachers and families in celebration assemblies.

Our Music Long Term Plan

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