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Good morning Year 6 and welcome to this week’s ‘No Technology Day’. Today is the day to step away from your normal day-to-day school work, stick the X-Box in the attic and focus on having a day of difference. (Apart from your SPELLING TEST! A day of Rock’n’Roll is not complete without a spelling test)

Be creative! Be crafty! Come out of the end of today feeling that you have achieved and you have the evidence there too prove it. Let me give you 5 ideas of how you could spend this day and they are 5 that I strongly recommend:

  1. Cooking: bake a cake, a scone, make tea/lunch for your family. Develop new skills, create something that you are going to take pleasure from (both cooking and eating), be adventurous and be proud of your achievements.
  2. Loftus Library are creating a window display and they would really like our help. They want the theme to be based around flowers. That is the only guidance stated. What can you create to go in their window? What will make people want to go to the library? How will yours stand out?
  3. Brian Discovers Rodeo: There was once a great author who wrote a book about a mascara wearing turkey called Brian. However, although he could write a bit, he couldn’t draw to save his life so this is where you come in. I would like Brian drawings and illustrations that can be used in the book. (with and without mascara) I am relying on you to make this book a success. I know I can trust you.
  4. Art: Try a different arty/crafty style that you may not have used before. Research an artist, analyse their style. Create a piece of artwork following that style. (Maybe you could incorporate this with the Brian illustrations)
  5. Write a story. No rules or restrictions. It will not be checked for grammar or spelling errors. I will not comment on any negatives. Your story, your style, your ideas, your world! Be adventurous. I have been telling you my Brian story. Now you tell me yours.



Here are the spellings for this week:

Mr Emmerson’s Spelling Group: conscious, environment, physical, stomach, temperature, system, shoulder, twelfth, forty, muscle, marvellous, educational, rhyme, shoulder, sincere, sincerely, stomach, substance, suggest, management,

Mrs Oakley’s Spelling Group: conscious, precious, unconscious, suspicious, delicious, vicious, spacious, gracious, subconscious, ferocious, malicious, judicious, vivacious, luscious, atrocious, precocious, tenacious.

Focus on the spellings from your group and complete the following activities:

Spelling Activity:

Day 5: Spelling Test day. Do your best, be honest, get them all right, send me your scores.

All of these spellings are on Spelling Shed under either Spring Week 6 Mrs Oakley or Spring Week 6 Mr Emmerson

Please could I encourage all parents and children to ask if you would like your reading books changed as this can be easily arranged. Also, would it be possible to please send photos of your children’s reading records on a Monday or Friday to show evidence that you/your child has read 3 times that week. We want you to get credit for your achievements!

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Saturday 13th: Get active.  Even if you are stuck indoors, move and stretch.

Sunday 14th: Send someone a message to say how much they mean to you.

Monday 15th: Shift your mood by doing something you really enjoy.

Tuesday 16th: Thank 3 people you feel grateful to and tell them why.

Wednesday 17th: Share what you are feeling and tell someone you trust.

Thursday 18th: Smile at the people you see and brighten up their day.

Friday 19th: Notice 5 things that are beautiful in the world around you.

Saturday 20th: Make a list of things you are looking forward to.

Sunday 21st: Find a fun way of completing an extra 15 minutes of physical activity.

Monday 22nd: Have a rest and tech free day. It is important to look after ourselves.

Daily Work Feedback – Year 6

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