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Good morning Year 4, welcome to your last week of online learning. This time next week you will be back in the classroom! I hope you are all very happy, I am so excited to see you all again. Work hard this week and be amazing like I know you can be.

Our top spellers this week are:

  1. Connor T
  2. Elliot W
  3. Jorja J

Well done!

Have a listen to this song! Lets have a great week 🙂

Spelling (15 minutes)

Good morning Year 4, today you have a new set of spellings.

Today’s spelling activity is Look, Cover, Write and Check. Please look at the word, cover it up and then have a go at spelling it. Once you have finished writing the word, check it! Please make sure you know the meanings of the word. Ask an adult, use a dictionary or research what the word means. 

Can you put it into a sentence verbally?

Does it have a suffix?

trying crying drying frying carrying hurrying marrying supplying worrying replying  

situation creation relation imagination organisation ambition position revolution solution fiction introduction caution description  conservation punctuation

PaG (15 minutes)

For PaG today, we are going to be exploring adverbs and verbs.

Verb- a doing word e.g. ran, jump, skip, sprinted

Adverb- describes a verb and ends in ly e.g. slowly, loudly

For your task today, I would like you to play a game with your adult. You need to pick a verb and an adverb and mime it out. Your adult needs to guess which verb and adverb you chose. Make sure to swap and guess what your adult is acting out. Have some fun!

English (1 hour)

Today in English, you will be following along the Oak Academy lesson to learn about chocolate making. In English, we have been exploring explanation texts. When we return to school, we will be creating our explanation text on how chocolate is made. Can you remember the features of an explanation text?

Follow the video to learn more about the chocolate making process:


In this lesson you will:

  • Learn all about how chocolate is made.
  • Look at technical vocabulary for your explanation text.
  • Create summaries about the information you have learnt.

English Drop in

Topic: English drop in Year 4

Time: 10:00-10:30am


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

Maths Meeting (15 minutes)

For your maths meeting today. I would like you to practise your 8 times tables. Listen to the song to help you with your 8 times tables. You may also complete your work using the quiz.


Write them out in your book:

1×8= 2×8= 3×8= 4×8= 5×8= 6×8= 7×8= 9×8= 10×8= 11×8= 12×8=

Get an adult to test you!

Maths (45 Minutes)

Today in maths, we will be using our addition and subtraction skills that we practised last week. Today we will be using inverse operation methods.

Watch the video to help you with your questions:

Inverse Questions

You must use the column method.

  1. 34 + _____ = 169
  2. _____-286 = 345
  3. 85 + _____ = 198
  4. _____ – 435 = 276
  5. 167 + _____= 623
  6. ____ – 365 = 574


I think of a number.  I add 16 and my answer is 36.  What was my number?

I think of a number.  I subtract 25 and add 2.  My answer is 27, what was my number?


For reading this afternoon I would like you to read for pleasure. When we read for pleasure, we broaden our imagination and stimulate curiosity.

Grab your favourite book, find a nice quiet area and spend some time getting lost in a brilliant story.


Today in Science, we will be continuing with our Rock topic. The aim of todays lesson is to name and identify a range of different rocks.

For your task today, you are going to be shown a range of rocks on the video. You will need to draw this table in your book or use the worksheet and decide the following features:

Is it permeable?- does it allow water through?

Is it durable?- Is it hard wearing?

Is it high or low density? Does it sink (heavy) or float (light)?

Is it hard or soft?

Afternoon Drop in

Topic: Afternoon Drop in Year 4

Time: 2:15pm-2:45pm


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

End of Day

Well done year 4, you have completed another day of online learning. 

Please try and upload your child’s work by completing the submission below. Please note, your child’s work will not be published on the website, it will be sent privately to the class teacher. Alternatively, if you have trouble uploading it below, please email the work over using the email address below.



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