Good morning, Year 3. I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend.

WOW Year 3, you really impressed me with your effort on Spelling Shed last week. We came 1st out of the whole school! I am proud of you all.

Our top spellers for last week were:

  1. Jane
  2. Elyssa
  3. Logan

Well done to you all and another big well done to Jane for topping the school leader board!


Zoom calls will continue at the usual times and the links can be found on the year 3 home learning page.


Mrs Porter’s group

You will receive two sets of spellings to learn each week from this week. You will receive spellings linked to a spelling rule or to a topic and a set of common exception words.

This week your spellings are not linked to a spelling rule. Instead, they spellings linked to our history and science themes.

monarch, monarchy, conquer, revolt, heir, empire, material, properties, transparent, flexible, metal, plastic

Common exception words: although, thought

Mrs Robinson’s group

You will receive two sets of spellings to learn each week from this week. You will receive spellings linked to a spelling rule and a set of common exception words.

Spelling rule: I can spell words with the ai, a_e, ay sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey.

vein abseil beige feint rein reign surveillance veil

weigh eight neighbour sleigh neigh freight eight height

Common exception words: length, library

  1. Read and clarify the meaning of each word
  2. Write each word out and count how many syllables
  3. Pick 5 spellings to put into sentences.



Today, you will be recapping complex sentences. Remember, a complex sentence has a main clause and a subordinate clause that begins with a subordinating conjunction.

Subordinating conjunctions are – if, when, before, after, while, because

If you need to remind yourself about complex sentences, I have included a video from last half term which includes information about complex sentences.

Today I would like you to identify the complex sentences from the sentences below.

I brush my teeth before I go to bed.

The dog barked loudly and jumped over the fence.

If you want to go out to play, you must do your homework first.

I won the race.

Because it is cold, I am wearing my coat.

I was hungry.

Challenge: Take one of the sentences that was not a complex sentence and add a subordinate clause using one of the subordinate conjunctions.


This half term, we will be basing our diary writing on the book ‘The Queen’s Token’ by Pamela Oldfield. Today, you will be writing complex sentences about Chapter 1. Watch the video below to find out more.

The Queen's Token (White Wolves: Stories with Historical Settings) Pamela  Oldfield: A&C Black Childrens & Educational


Maths Meeting

Today, you will be consolidating your learning on the 2, 4 and 8 times table. Watch the video below and then complete the activities.


Today, I would like you to answer questions about Chapter 1 from The Queen’s Token.

Your first job is to go back and watch the video of chapter 1 from today’s English lesson. You can watch this back as many times as you need to find the answers to the following questions.

  1. What did Hal eat in Chapter 1?
  2. Who does Hal live with?
  3. Summarise what Hal does for work?
  4. Why does Tommy think Hal is mad for wanting to work for King Henry?
  5. What do you predict will happen to Hal in the story?

Now, ask 3 questions of your own about chapter 1.


This half term our history theme is called Riotous Royalty. We will be learning about Kings and Queens from 1066 to the present day.

Today we will be learning about William the Conqueror. Watch the videos below and then complete the first activity.

Activity 1:

Below is an image of part of the Bayeux tapestry. Your job is to explain what is happening in each of the images.

Bayeux Tapestry Illustration - Twinkl
Bayeux Tapestry Scene by Scene

Now we know that William the Conqueror successfully claimed the throne, it is time to learn a bit more about what he did once he was King. Watch the video link below to find out.


You now need to answer the questions below. Watch the video again if you can’t remember.

  1. How did William deal with rebellions in the North of England?
  2. What did people have to do/give the Lords in order to live on their land?
  3. What was the doomsday book?

4. Do you think William the Conqueror was a successful King? Explain your answer using what you have learned today.

Well done, Year 3. You have completed Monday’s home learning. Now it is time to relax with a story.

Make sure that you send your work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk