The last week of home learning before the return back to school. I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces soon. Work hard and have fun this week.

Mr Farrier

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Look, cover, write, check –

Your new spellings for this week are below. I want you to write out each spelling twice. Once you have written them out using look, cover, write, check, I want you to apply 5 of them into a complex sentence. Your spellings in colour all follow a certain rule. Try and work out what that rule is. If some of your spellings aren’t written in colour, these are your common exception words which don’t follow any rule.

ought, bought, thought, nought, brought, fought, rough, tough, enough, chough, cough, though, although, dough, through, breakthrough, thorough, borough, programme, queue.

Mrs Robinson’s group –

families, dictionaries, stories, journeys, memories, countries, varieties, factories, responsibilities, opportunities, businesses, accident, accidentally, believe, bicycle.


SPAG (15 minutes): Inverted Commas Recap

inverted commas are used for speech. Speech always end with a punctuation mark, which goes inside the speech marks. You need to remember if you are writing and speech starts part-way through the sentence, you need to add a comma before the speech. Speech must always start with a capital letter even when it isn’t at the start of a sentence. Look at my example below.

Task 1 – Write out these sentences below and add the inverted commas in the correct place.

Task 2 – Create three sentences of your own using speech. Make these sentences as exciting as possible and use a range of sentence types.

Writing (45 minutes): To make a character profile

Make a character profile to describe Barney or Stig. What is their personality like? What are their favourite things? What are their hopes and dreams? Watch my input video to understand how to structure your work. I have attached chapter 1 again in case you want to listen to the description of Stig.


Maths Meeting: Recap previous learning (15 minutes)

Maths: Recapping number – multiplication (45 minutes)

This week, we are going to recap using multiplication and division. We will look at common misconceptions and how we can use multiplication and division to solve problems. Today we are going to focus just on multiplication.

Task –



Retrieving Information

  1. Use a dictionary to find the meaning a) perpetual b) tended
  • Find and copy a phrase that shows it is warm in the forest.
  • What are the most talented type of witches called?

Making Inferences

  • Use evidence from the text to explain how Hazel feels when she sees Ginger Tom.
  • Does Hazel find magic easy? Give two reasons for your answer.
  • What might be causing the “foul smell”?

Writer’s Choices

  • How does the writer show that Hazel is a caring girl?
  • Why do you think the writer chose to start with a quote from another book?

Challenge Question (extended answer)

  • What do we know about Hazel and her life? Use quotes from the text to back up your answer.


Earth and Space

Today you are going to investigate why we have night and day. I want you to create your own independent research and find out why we have night and day. I have explained in the video below about how we orbit the sun whilst we rotate on our axis but I want you to look into it a little further. Watch some videos on the internet as they explain it brilliantly. Use this bbc bitesize link to watch some explanation videos.

When you have done some research I want you to create an explanation text on how and why we have night and day, using the vocabulary on my video. I have attached a template for how you might set out your explanation text.

Well Done

I am proud of your efforts.

Well done,

Mr Farrier.