Group 1

break, most, sure, would, improve, floor, clothes, money, half, water, sugar, prove

Group 2

some, school, house, love, said, were, one, their, people, asked

Group 3

his, go, the, they, by, he, me, so, when, like

Read each word to make sure you know what it says. Do you need to clarify any of your spellings?

TASK: Write out your spellings 3 times; once in your neatest writing, once in fancy writing and once in rainbow colours.


What can you remember?

Think about phase 3 and 5 sounds.

(If you need to check your reading record for the sounds you can)


Today we are going to be writing sentences using temporal connectives (time order) and past tense verbs.

Can you remember what 1st person is?

Yes, it is all about you…(I, my, me)

Think back to last Thursday in school when we do Science.

TASK: Put the temporal connectives and past tense verbs into 1st person sentences. (They are all mixed up – not in the correct order)

I have used a temporal connective and a past tense verb. I have alsoi written in 1st person.

You should know in which order we have our lessons

I will start you off with the first sentence:

First, I looked at my weekly spellings.

Challenge: Why does the word ‘drew’ not end in -ed?

English zoom meeting for more support

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Password: 93ubP1


Maths – Statistics

Maths meeting (15 mins)

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Maths Lesson (45 mins)

Last week we started looking at pictograms. A way of showing information using pictures to represent a number.

Sometimes if the number is a large number we can use a picture to represent more than 1 as you can see below:

It makes it easier to count larger numbers.

For ostriches you count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

TASK: Complete the following pictogram.

Think carefully, if an odd number you will only need half a circle!

TASK: Complete a tally and a pictogram for the fruit below.

Maths zoom link meeting for you to pop into if you are struggling with today’s learning in maths.

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I have bought a new set of books for our classroom. ‘Dirty Bertie’ is a series of books written by Alan Macdonald and illustrated by David Roberts.

TASK: Write an overview of what you think these books are about (A short paragraph – 2 to 3 sentences) Why is Bertie? Why is he dirty?



Over the year there have been many Kings and Queens of England.

At present, in 2021 our Queen is Elizabeth II.

Can you order the Kings and Queens onto a timeline. REMEMBER, the lower the number the furthest back in time it was.

Use your place value to help you read the number

Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones

1 0 6 6

(One thousand and sixty six)

TASK: Create a timeline of Kings and Queens from the past and of present.

Deciding on who becomes KING or QUEEN all depends on your family.

The Royal Family has lots of people in it. See what you can find out about it ready from tomorrow’s lesson.

Afternoon zoom meeting for you to come along to if you are struggling with any part of the lesson this afternoon.

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