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Monday 8th February

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Good morning Year 4. Welcome back to your last week of online learning before Half-term. You did it! Well done to everyone for working so hard. Keep sending your work into your class teacher. Our top spellers on Spelling Shed this week are:

  1. Ronnie B
  2. Kaiden W
  3. Robbie M

Keep working hard! You are AMAZING 🙂

Spelling (15 minutes)

Good morning Year 4, today you have a new set of spellings.

Today’s spelling activity is Look, Cover, Write and Check. Please look at the word, cover it up and then have a go at spelling it. Once you have finished writing the word, check it! Please make sure you know the meanings of the word. Ask an adult, use a dictionary or research what the word means. 

Can you put it into a sentence verbally?

Does it have a suffix?

bigger fattest fitter flattest thinner maddest redder saddest slimmer wettest

picture feature adventure miniature signature temperature manufacture capture creature figure furniture future mixture mature puncture

PaG (15 minutes)

Today in PaG you will be turning into the police. Put on your police hat and make sure you are on the look out. There is a paragraph below that you need to investigate. It is missing a lot of punctuation. Keep a look out for:

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Commas
  • Speech marks

Police hats on, lets go:

felicity WILL you look this way exclaimed Mrs Appleton  you have been fidgeting all morning  felicity tore her eyes reluctantly away from the coin she was holding in her hand and tried to concentrate on her class teacher who was talking about maths – something to do with multiplication Felicity vaguely recalled she caught matts eye and they grinned excitedly at each other this was it today was the day the two best friends had been waiting for this day for what had seemed an eternity both of them had been looking at the clock every 5 minutes both willing the hands to move forwards faster so that they could be whisked off home by felicitys parents at lunch time they were going on holiday!

English (1 hour)

This week we are going to be creative and have a little fun with our English. You are going to create your own story board today using the cartoon in the video below. I want you to recite the story using a range of sentence types and upper level vocabulary. Think about all the openers you can use and all the skills that make your writing exciting. See how much of the success criteria below you can use. Once you have finished watching the video, look at my input below to see how you can complete your task.

  • drop in clause
  • multi-clause
  • sentence of three
  • complex sentence
  • similes
  • alliteration
  • adjectival phrases
  • range of openers
  • onomatopoeia 
  • speech 

English Drop in

Topic: English drop in Year 4

Time: 10:00-10:30am


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

Maths Meeting (15 minutes)

Maths (45 Minutes)

Today in maths, you will complete your final lesson on Perimeter. Remember your skills what you learnt last week. Perimeter is around the outside. For perimeter we…. ADD.

Watch this video to help your learning. The video will tell you when to complete the questions. Please pause the video when asked and complete the questions on your worksheet.


  1. How do you think he created this machine?
  2. Why do you think he wanted to create a machine to look back at memories?
  3. What are the creators’ special memories? What did you see?
  4. Why do you think the man was becoming a monster? What was making him angry?
  5. How do you think he felt when the machine broke?


Good afternoon Year 4, this afternoon we will be continuing our topic with the Water Cycle. Listen to this catchy song to learn about the water cycle:

“The water cycle round and around. Vapour goes up and the rain comes downnnnn.”

Please listen to this video to learn more about the water cycle. Use it to help you with your task if you need to re-wind.

Your task today is to create a turning wheel to share your information. If you cannot print out, cut out two circles and cut the gap out of the top circle. Fill in your information on your bottom circle and connect them together.

Your 4 sections will be: Evaporation, collection, precipitation and condensation.

Afternoon Drop in

Topic: Afternoon Drop in Year 4

Time: 2:15pm-2:45pm


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

End of Day

Well done year 4, you have completed another day of online learning. 

Please try and upload your child’s work by completing the submission below. Please note, your child’s work will not be published on the website, it will be sent privately to the class teacher. Alternatively, if you have trouble uploading it below, please email the work over using the email address below.



Daily Work Feedback – Year 4

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