Today is …

A Technology Free Day

Today, we thought it would be nice to have another technology free day as it has been so successful. We want today to be a fun learning day at home.

We are going to make one technology free exception. At 1.30pm I will do a final zoom session before we are back at school on Monday. It would be lovely if you would join to see all of your friends for one last time on zoom.

Today we want you to be able to choose the activities you would rather do. Please choose 1 activity from each box to complete throughout the day. If you want to complete both activities that is entirely up to you.


  • Find photographs of family members when they were babies. Discuss who is in the photos and talk about them.
  • Go outside and find a rock or a stone. Can you decorate your rock? You could make it into an animal and then tell a story about your animal.


  • Go outdoors on a maths number walk. Can you find different numbers near your house? Think about how old you are and see if you can find that number anywhere.
  • Draw a person using different shapes for body parts. Your person could have a square for a head, a circle for a body, 2 triangles for their legs. You can make it look as funny as possible.

Extra Activities:

  • Look out of the window and talk about what you can see. Draw a picture of what you can see.
  • Help prepare a meal for the family.

For one day, do not worry about your daily learning page or the morning zoom session, have fun and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

I hope you all have the best day. Have lots of fun and make sure you laugh a lot. I miss you all very much and can not wait to see you all on Monday.

Mrs Lister.