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Today is WORLD BOOK DAY! Usually, we would be dressing up in school as our favourite book character. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that but do not worry we are going to enjoy getting dressed up in the summer term.

Try to read or tell as many stories as you can today. Make sure you include all of your favourite stories.

Watch the episode of Peppa Pig above and spot the stories that Peppa talks about in the video.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears – See if your child is able to retell the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears from week 3 of our home learning. If they find it difficult, retell the story or let them watch it below.

  • The story provides lots of opportunities to count and match (3 bowls, spoons, chairs, beds, bears).
  • Try to use the language of size such as small, tiny, large etc. You could find things around the house that are small or large.
  • Use the story as a basis for a discussion about was it right for Goldilocks to go into the Bears house?
  • You could even make and have a taste of some porridge!

Red Riding Hood – either tell the story or watch the video below:

  • Retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Do you think Little Red Riding Hood should have stopped to talk to the wolf? Discuss why.
  • Be like Little Red Riding Hood’s mum and make some cakes.
  • Draw a map of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey through the woods.
  • Little Red Riding Hood likes to wear her red cloak. What do you like to wear?

I will be doing a zoom story session at 1.30pm today. Please join me by the usual link.

I hope you all have a brilliant day and enjoy lots of stories and books today.

Happy Reading

Mrs Lister X

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