Good morning everyone. I hope you have all managed to make the most of the snow over the past couple of days.

Message from the teachers – Watch the video below for a message from the teachers.

We have two zoom sessions a day for children who want to attend. The sessions are at 11am and 1.30pm and I will read a story during each session.

  • Share stories with your children daily, they are hugely important in their learning.
  • Please sing or say rhymes with your child. If you do not know the tune, don’t worry. Your child might know it, or you can make up a tune or you could always say it rather than sing it. See Day 1 for the words to some of our popular rhymes.
  • Please find opportunities for counting daily. This might be when playing with toys, having tea, or walking up the stairs.


Nursery Rhymes – Watch the video below and join in singing nursery rhymes with Chris Nixon.

Body Sounds – Listen to the sounds your feet make when walking/running/jumping etc. Listen when moving slowly, softly, fast, stomping hard etc. Try the movements in different types of footwear to see if the sound changes.


Phonics – Voice sounds – Record your family saying a sentence such as ‘hello, can you guess who is talking?’ and then play the recordings to your child to see if they can recognise different voices. If you do not have many people in your family you could use the sound only from the ‘message from the teachers’ above.

Nursery Rhymes – Watch the video below and join in singing nursery rhymes with Chris Nixon.

Chinese New Year – This year we are entering the the Year of the Ox. Watch the following video to see the story of how the years were named.

Check on the table below to see what year you were born in (remember Chinese New Year always falls between January 21st and February 20th so if your birthday is within this period you might be classed as the year before).


Please can you keep in touch with me via email to let me know how your child is getting on. Alternatively you could send me a message below. It would be lovely if you could send a photo or two of your children in their play. My email address is:

Take care,

Mrs Lister

Daily Work Feedback – Nursery

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