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Good morning Year 4, today is your last full day of online learning as tomorrow will be another technology free day. You should be very proud of yourselves, look how well you have done to complete 6 weeks of home learning. Work hard today, it is the final push before half term.

This week is also Internet safety week, please watch the video to understand how we stay safe on the internet.


Spelling (15 minutes)

For your spelling today, I would like you to write them out with the opposite hand to what you write with. How neat can you be?

bigger fattest fitter flattest thinner maddest redder saddest slimmer wettest

picture feature adventure miniature signature temperature manufacture capture creature figure furniture future mixture mature puncture

Handwriting (15 minutes)

Today you will be practising your handwriting skills. I know how well you can write so please focus on this. You will be looking at the ascender h today. Watch the YouTube clip to perfect your formation:


English (45 minutes)

LC: To use boastful and exciting openers

Today you are going to continue with your creative cartoon writing. You are going to be focusing on using a range of openers to make your writing exciting.

Using the video below and the plot story you created on Tuesday, I want you to create 6 exciting sentences using a range of openers to create excitement for the reader. I want you to use 2 sentences of 3 for action, 2 multi-clause sentences and 2 complex sentences.

The openers I want you to focus on, you should know how to use: ing openers, ed openers, simile openers and prepositional phrase openers. Have a look at my example below which will give you some guidance if you need it.

English Drop in

Topic: English drop in Year 4

Time: 10:00-10:30am


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

Maths Meeting (15 minutes)

In your maths meeting today, I would like you to practise your 6 times tables. Write them out in your book and get an adult to test you. Here is our favourite song to help you along the way:

1 x 6 = 6

2 x 6 = 12


Maths (45 Minutes)

Yesterday in maths, you worked on Area. To do this, you counted squares in a 2D shapes. Today you will be continuing with area and creating your own shapes. Watch the video and this will lead you on your questions.


Maths Drop in

Topic: Maths Drop in Year 4

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78


For reading this afternoon I would like you to read a book to an adult.  

Before you start reading your book, can you look at the front cover and predict what you think might happen. Who are the characters? What are their names? What might be a problem in the book? 

Whilst reading, please can your adult select some words from your text and ask you to clarify these words. What do they mean? Why are they used? 

At the end of your reading session, I would like you to summarise what has happened. What did you learn? What did you not expect? 


This afternoon we are going to be thinking about what makes us happy. What makes you happy? We can find happiness in big or small things. The sound of the sea in a shell, a hug from a special someone, remembering a fun birthday party.

For your task today, I would like you to write as many happy things as you can on slips of paper. Fold them up and pop them into a cup or bowl. You can do this with an adult. Once you have put all your happy memories into the bowl, you can mix it up and read them with your adult. Reflect…

You could keep going with this activity. Any time you feel happy, write down your memory and put it into your jar. If you are feeling sad, you could pick out a memory and use it to make you feel better.

Afternoon Drop in

Topic: Afternoon Drop in Year 4

Time: 2:15pm-2:45pm


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

End of Day

Well done year 4, you have completed another day of online learning. This Afternoon, I would like you to relax! You have all worked hard.

Please try and upload your child’s work by completing the submission below. Please note, your child’s work will not be published on the website, it will be sent privately to the class teacher. Alternatively, if you have trouble uploading it below, please email the work over using the email address below.



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