Story Time
Please try to follow the timetable as closely as you possibly can.

Please could I encourage all parents and children to ask if you would like your reading books changed as this can be easily arranged. Also, would it be possible to please send photos of your children’s reading records on a Monday or Friday to show evidence that you/your child has read 3 times that week. We want you to get credit for your achievements!


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SPaG: Using single dashes

A dash can be used to add extra information or a short remark to a sentence instead of using a colon. Dashes tend to be used in informal writing e.g. There is one thing I love – cake. Unlike a colon, a dash can come before a conjunction, e.g I could stay and help – or not

Please follow the video.

LC: To analyse an image and image description.

I would like you to pay close attention to this image today Year 6. There is a lot less for you to do today so instead I would like you to put more into what is here.

Please use the video for guidance:

resource image

Question time!

Is it possible to both excited and terrified at the same time? Has this ever happened to you?

Look at the picture. Can you see the man’s shadow? Is it possible to have a shadow in a cave?

If the man wanted to look at himself in a mirror whilst in the cave, would he be able to see his reflection?

Is everything in the cave black, or does it have another colour?

Story starter!

Agony. It filled his mind as the burning pain coursed through his arms. He could feel the burns on his hands; hanging on to the ropes for dear life had rubbed them raw. Gritting his teeth, he continued his descent into the abyss. His every straining muscle screamed in defiance as he lowered himself again and again. Water cascaded all around him, filling his ears with a ferocious churning, as if he were being flushed down the plughole like a spider! He could smell the peaty, earthy freshness of the rocky cavern around him, seemingly becoming narrower and narrower as he went deeper and deeper.

He looked down. There was still such a long way to go…

Can you continue this story about the cave? Try to use your senses to describe, as I have in my writing.

How deep is the cave? Is the man on his own or part of a caving team? If there is an accident down there, how will he escape?

You could base your story around the man on the expedition into the cave, or alternatively you could write about a rescue mission to save someone who is trapped in the cave after an accident.


Here are the spellings for this week:

Mr Emmerson’s Spelling Group: conscious, environment, physical, stomach, temperature, system, shoulder, twelfth, forty, muscle, marvellous, educational, rhyme, shoulder, sincere, sincerely, stomach, substance, suggest, management,

Mrs Oakley’s Spelling Group: conscious, precious, unconscious, suspicious, delicious, vicious, spacious, gracious, subconscious, ferocious, malicious, judicious, vivacious, luscious, atrocious, precocious, tenacious.

Focus on the spellings from your group and complete the following activities:

Spelling Activity:

Day 3: Spelling Packs please, choose an activity from your pack and make sure that you are ready for your spelling test tomorrow.

All of these spellings are on Spelling Shed under either Spring Week 6 Mrs Oakley or Spring Week 6 Mr Emmerson


  1. Look at the front cover: make a prediction about the story by using the title and the images on the front of the book. (2 marks)
  2. Read the blurb. Why do you think everyone goes blind in Perfect? (1 mark)
  3. Do you think that the place called Perfect is perfect? Explain your answer. (3 marks)

4) Clarify what the phrase, ‘Perfect had been alive with the news…’ means. (1 mark)

5) What do you think the Doctor will help with? (1 mark)

6) Find a word in the text which is similar in meaning to a risky manoeuvre. (1 mark)

7) Why do you think the girl could be frightened? (1 mark)

Grammar Focus:

8) Find an example of an adverbial phrase in the text. (1 mark)

9) Find an adverb in the text. (1 mark)

10) Find an example of parenthesis in the text. (1 mark)


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Video Input to the maths lesson:

Maths Meeting:

Maths: LC: Subtract whole number with more than 4 digits.

Today we move onto subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits. This is not new news to you and it is something that you should be comfortable with. Please watch the video closely, ensure you understand what is being modelled and make sure your understanding is clear and that you are confident with what you need to do.

This lesson will focus on place value, column subtraction, word problems and completing models

Challenge questions:

Year 6 Computing (Safer Internet Week)

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Passcode: 1rX7AD

As this week is Safer Internet Week, I would like you to go onto this website below:


When you have accessed the site, I would like you to click into these areas on the page:

Childnet’s Activity Zone for Children

Smart Crew (You may be able to access the videos (if you can’t they are all on Youtube) and then take the quiz)


Create a Safer Internet Week poster to advertise and highlight why internet safety is so important.

Story time

The Toilet Ghost Dog! by Pamela Butchart

One time, we got locked in the toilets after school when we’d been having an EMERGENCY MEETING about how the shepherd’s pie at school dinners was getting WORSE and how we needed to speak to the POLICE or maybe even the ARMY about it because the dinner ladies wouldn’t stop making it and they needed to be STOPPED.

But then we heard a noise and Jodi said, “SHHHHHH!” because we weren’t supposed to be there and Zach DEFINITELY wasn’t supposed to be there because we were in the GIRLS’ TOILETS and we’d basically had to DRAG him in.

But then we heard a KEY turn and I GASPED and Zach said, “That’s not good.” And it WASN’T because we’d just been LOCKED IN.

Maisie started to PANIC but then Jodie said it was OK because we could drink water from the TAPS so we wouldn’t die of THIRST but that we needed FOOD.

So Maisie handed her a custard cream and Jodie started to cut it into TINY pieces with a ruler so we wouldn’t STARVE.

But then suddenly there was a SCRATCHING at the door and Zach yelled, “HELP! WE’RE TRAPPED!”

And that’s when Jodie dropped the ruler and put her hand over Zach’s mouth and whispered, “That’s not a teacher. Teachers don’t scratch!”

Then we heard SNUFFLING and I looked at Jodi and she looked at me because we KNEW what was OUTSIDE because we’d heard the RUMOURS.

But then Maisie said, “WHAT!?”

So I took a deep breath and said, “It’s the GHOST HOUND.”

And Maisie’s eyes went SWIRLY and she fainted. Because even though loads of weird stuff has happened at our school, like the time with the BABY ALIENS and the WEREWOLF and the DEMON DINNER LADIES, this was different because this was a BEAST who was also a GHOST.

That’s when Zach spotted a window and said we should try to squeeze through it, but Jodi said the GHOST HOUND would FOLLOW US.

Jodi said that if we WHISTLED really loudly the ghost hound might run away because dogs HATE high-pitched sounds.

So we CREPT up to the door and waited for Jodi to give us the SIGNAL and then we whistled as LOUDLY as we could.

But then the ghost hound started HOWLING. And it howled so loudly, it woke Masie and she SCREAMED.

And even though it was TOTAL CHAOS, that’s when I had an idea. I looked at Jodi and said, “Hand me the custard cream.”

And then I threw it on the ground and Zach GASPED, but I said, “Trust me.”

Then I kicked it under the door and the hound stopped howling and started MUNCHING.

And I yelled, “GO! GO! GO!” and we climbed out the window.

But then, once we were outside, we heard WHIMPERING and Masie said, “I don’t think it’s a ghost hound. It’s a GHOST DOG. And it’s sad!”

And before we could stop her, Masie RAN, so we ran after her and that’s when we GASPED, because it WASN’T a GHOST HOUND.

It was the TINIEST PUPPY EVER and it had biscuit crumbs all over its face!

We took the puppy home and Jodi’s mum phoned the number on its collar and an old man came and he was CRYING because he’d lost the puppy DAYS ago.

The man thanked us loads and said, “Time to go home, Cuddles!”

And we burst out laughing because we couldn’t believe we’d been scared of a puppy called CUDDLES!

But then Masie suddenly stopped laughing and said, “Wait. That means there’s still a GHOST HOUND loose in our school? Doesn’t it? DOESN’T IT?

Daily Work Feedback – Year 6

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