Group 1

somebody, thought, which, witch, with, friend, opened, who, found, wanted, asked, hear, couldn’t, through, around, goes, stopped, wasn’t, really, shouldn’t

Group 2

these, those, always, going, were, people, every, little, because, above

Group 3

saw, when, what, where, there, and, about, has, want, have

Firstly, write the alphabet out and colour the vowels and consonants.

TASK: Now identify them in your spellings and colour them the same as above.


Today we are going to look at Internet Safety in our English lesson as it is Safer Internet week.

We have already talked about this lots in school so today is just a little reminder, you should all be experts!

Watch the video first:


TASK: I would like you create 2 character profiles. One which is safe and one which is not.

REMEMBER: There are some things you should not share online!

Use this as a template or create your own BUT make sure one is safe and one is not.

English zoom meeting for more support

Meeting ID: 881 4971 3993

Password: 93ubP1


Maths meeting (15 mins)

Maths Lesson (45 mins)

Sit down in one place at home and look around you.

What can you see? Any 2D shapes? 3D shapes?

TASK: Draw them and make a list of the shapes you can see.

Can you see one shape more than the other?

An example of 2D and 3D I can see sitting at my desk.

You need to look around the whole room from where you are sitting.

Maths zoom link meeting for you to pop into if you are struggling with today’s learning in maths.

Meeting ID: 815 9173 0737

Password: 5GcZ7j



  1. What do you think this book is called?
  2. Why did Gasper sigh on the first picture (2nd page)
  3. What could have made the iceberg break off?
  4. Which word on page 5 suggests Gaspar is scared?
  5. How did Gaspers outlook on the situation change (scared to not so scared) at the end?

Afternoon zoom meeting for you to come along to if you are struggling with any part of the lesson this afternoon.

Meeting ID: 856 8839 6853

Password: taB6Ev



We have come to the end of our topic about Rocks.

Can you answer the following 7 questions in the quiz?


Well done children, that is your learning completed for today. Please send me your work to check through and remember tomorrow is another technology free day!!

Have lots of fun

Thank you

Miss Kendall

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