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Thursday 25th January 2021

Story Time
Please try to follow the timetable as closely as you possibly can.

Please could I encourage all parents and children to ask if you would like your reading books changed as this can be easily arranged. Also, would it be possible to please send photos of your children’s reading records on a Monday or Friday to show evidence that you/your child has read 3 times that week. We want you to get credit for your achievements!


Invite to Join Year 6 English Drop-in Zoom Meeting (09:30)


Meeting ID: 999 7011 5492
Passcode: cSxs8e

SPaG: LC: To correct a paragraph

Please have a read through the paragraph below. It is missing some key elements like punctuation, it is using incorrect vocabulary and it is written in poor standard English.

I would like you to re-write and correct the paragraph by making the necessary changes. Be careful! Don’t let it catch you out. Some of the changes may not be as obvious.

Dear Diary,

Its not been a good day. I’m really cross with my Dad. Its no good him asking me to mow the lawn if I can’t find are lawn mower. I have’nt seen it for weeks, and I know I put it back last time I done it. Mum and me looked all over but its not their. Why don’t they look after there stuff?

Anyway Joe and me was meant to be going out. I was sat in the kitchen waiting for him when the doorbell rung. I thought it were Joe, so I opened it and it were that kid Sam from down the road, the one whose a good footballer. He asked if he and me could go down the road and play ball they’re, so I said he could play with Joe and I with are ball when Joe finally turned up.

Then Mum started yelling at me. ‘You’re bedroom’s a tip’, she screamed. ‘Theirs no way your going out until you’ve tidied that mess. Its no joke being in their, honestly I nearly fell over you’re junk. And put that phone on you’re bedside table before you step on it and break it’s screen. There not cheap you know – I’m not replacing it if you break it.’

LC: To analyse free verse and create a draft version of our own.

I have left yesterday’s guidance and modelled examples underneath to help you if you need it.

Free Verse

Free Verse poems have no rhyming structure and often don’t have a particular rhythm or syllable patterns; like their name suggests, they are simply ‘free’. Free verse, like abstract art, is where the definition of poetry becomes complicated.

Free verse is by far the most common form that contemporary (modern) poetry is written in.

Please look at these examples of ‘Free Verse’ What do you notice? Was it what you expected? Would you have considered this as poetry? Why? Why not?

The space on the page

The space is a friend.
I tell it what hurts.

I tell it why I’m not good.
The space is a friend.
I tell it the bother I’m in.
It won’t let me tell lies.

The space looks at me.
It never says I’m bad.
It never says I’m good.
It never asks me the kinds of question
I don’t know the answer to.

The space never shames me.
The space never laughs at me.

When there is something in my head
making me sad or wild,
the space takes it.

The space takes it
till it’s a space no more,
till it’s full of what I wanted to say,
till it’s it full of what I didn’t know
I wanted to say.

Then it’s there in front of me
talking of how I am
so the bother or the sadness or the wildness
can be quiet for a while.

Tell me that’s not a friend?
I don’t think so.

That’s a friend.

From Michael Rosen’s Big Book of Bad Things. 


When Harry went away
he stole a part of Mum.
No-one warned us. 
No-one said.
We looked and looked for ages – 
under sofas, in the back of drawers – found plenty that he’d left behind,
the greyer days, an empty bed,
a hurting heart (a wee bit fluffy where the dust had stuck).
He’d always been quite good at hiding bits and bobs – 
pilfered toffee, other people’s books.
We drew a blank.
Tried to bargain. 
Offered up his favourite song, 
a wish balloon, a kiss each night,
a toast on Christmas Day,
but Harry took that tiny piece of Mum,
which seemed too high a price for us to pay.

You can find other examples, and there are loads of examples, of Free Verse at this website.


Here is how I may start mine:

The Rack

Stretching, screeching, tightening limbs

Screams, tears, smiles…but why

Slow turning wheels, tightening ropes

Creaking bones, scraping teeth

Onlookers, young and old, won’t stare, must stare

Punishment, public, torture, humiliation

Yesterday, you created a draft version of your Free Verse Poetry on your method of punishment. You tried different ways to move your vocabulary around and come up with a favourite version which you could use for your final piece. Today. I want you to take your favourite version and write that down as your final piece. Then I would like you to decorate around the poem to create a poster style and make it look beautiful and something you can be really proud of.


Here are the spellings for this week:

Mr Emmerson’s Spelling Group: siege, shriek, yield, ought, bought, thought, nought, brought, fought, rough, discussion, discomfort, disgusting, distracted, discretely, disturbing, discovery, dissolves, dismount distress

Mrs Oakley’s Spelling Group: ambitious, cautious, contentious, infectious, conscientious, nutritious, pretentious, fictitious, superstitious.

Focus on the spellings from your group and complete the following activities:

Spelling Activity:

Day 3: Choose an activity from your spelling pack.

Then Spelling Shed.

All of these spellings are on Spelling Shed under either Spring Week 7 Mrs Oakley or Spring Week 7 Mr Emmerson


Brian Discovers Rodeo. Chapter 4 : The Arrival

So here he was: Brian the globetrotter. The US of A, the states, America, or as Brian called it…well actually he didn’t have a special name for it. He just called it America like most people. In fact, apart from his mum’s run through of what rodeo was and hearing from along the grapevine that the USA was accepting of mascara wearing turkeys, he had no further knowledge. (Actually, the mascara bit was built from a lie any way, as his mum told’s Brian’s best friend, Alan, to tell him about that to sell the USA further. Alan earnt a fiver for that!)

Luggage collected, customs completed, things were beginning to move forward nicely. As it happened, the ‘Turkeys entering the country’ line was small. When I say small, I mean one turkey. Brian. (Is one still a line?) This tends to be the case in most countries apart from Bulgaria funnily enough. That’s were turkeys tend to do most of their holidaying. I know…you would assume Turkey!

Brian gleefully makes his way out of arrivals where his family will be there to meet him…but no, they weren’t there! No smiling turkey faces, no loud screams and over the top americanised cuddles. Just…nothing.

So he waited.

…and waited.

…and waited some more.

For one miserable hour. Nobody arrived. Brian was alone.

What was a turkey to do? New country. New massive country! All alone. This was a pickle. Think Brian, think.

He had an address for his Uncle Alan which was a positive. He could work with that. How could he get there? Look around, look around, look around…Car Rental! That will do. What other choice did he have? At least he would be in control of his own next steps. (I will let the reader decide if that is a positive thing knowing Brian as well as you do)


  1. Explain how Brian’s best friend, Alan, earnt himself a fiver. (1 mark)
  2. Where do most turkeys holiday? (1 mark)
  3. What is the problem in this section of the story (1 mark)
  4. What other choices did may Brian have to get to his Uncle Alans? (2 marks)
  5. What may be the problems with the choice of transport he has made? (2 marks)
  6. Predict the next stages of the story (2 marks)


Join Year 6 Maths Drop-in Zoom Meeting (11:30)


Meeting ID: 954 4389 7330
Passcode: ycn9WZ

Video Input to the maths lesson:

Maths Meeting:

Maths: LC: Add and subtract integers

Today we move onto looking at adding and subtracting integers. This is not new news to you and it is something that you should be comfortable with. Please watch the video closely, ensure you understand what is being modelled and make sure your understanding is clear and that you are confident with what you need to do.

With regards to adding and subtracting integers, we will be looking at completing calculations, calculating missing numbers, matching calculations to best estimates, analysing tables, finding the difference on a number line, digit cards and word problems.

Challenge questions:

Year 6 Geography

Join Year 6 Afternoon Drop-in Zoom Meeting (2:00)


Meeting ID: 921 3534 5751
Passcode: CmcT92

LC: To consider continents, countries and capitals.

Please watch the video for today’s guidance on our Geography lesson. We have a new focus – The Amazing Americas!

Story time

Lockdown Cat Haircut by Sharon Davey


Don’t be afraid, dear.

Just sit in this chair.

I’m going to give you

Superb lockdown haircut.

Let’s look at your face.

The shade of your eyes.

D’you want a bowl cut?

Or sparkly surprise?

Good choice to come to

Elle’s hair place today.

I’ll make you a rainbow

And wash out the grey.

Friends will love it!

I promise you that.

It’s fine! It’s OK

That you’re next door’s cat!


I guess she’ll be great

At haircuts and bows?

Though six is quite young-

Oh, gosh. Well, here goes!

She’s doing it now!

She’s snipping my hair.

It won best in show

At the local spring fair.

“Excuse me, my dear,

I really can’t stay.

I can smell dinner.

Nooo! Please not hairspray!”

Daily Work Feedback – Year 6

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