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Today is World Book Day. It is such a shame we aren’t all celebrating it together but in the Summer Term we will celebrate together and dress up as our favourite characters.

I have included lots of activities on today’s home learning page for you to complete. You don’t need to do them all, just have fun and enjoy your day!

I want you to start World Book Day by jumping into the shoes of your favourite book character. Who would you be? I think I would be Alice in Wonderland. Begin by drawing your favourite book character and answer the following questions:

  • What does your character look like?
  • What would you do if you could be your character for the day?
  • Is your character a good character or a bad character? Explain why.
  • What is your favourite thing about your character?

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Watch the clip below from The BFG.

As you all know, the BFG loves to catch dreams. You are going to start by creating your own dream catcher. You can use paper to draw and create this or if you have a paper plate that would also work very well. Have a look at the one below to give you some ideas.

Image preview

After you have completed that, you are going to create your own dreams. Ask a parent to draw you a jar like the one below and write your dream in it – please try to create two dreams. Have a look at mine below to help you. Decorate your jars however you would like to – make them look fabulous.

Listen to the video below, I am going to share some of The BFG with you. I particularly like the first sentence and I am going to explain to you why! I am also going to explain a couple of Art activities you can complete.


You have worked really hard in Maths this week so I want you to have a go at completing the word problems below. You need to read the problems and then use column subtraction to work out the answers. Please don’t just write the answers, I need to see you do the methods. Make sure you look at the numbers carefully. Sometimes you might need to regroup and pinch a ten to exchange into ones.

Mrs Farrier bought 48 books. I gave 26 of them to Miss Stone. How many books did I have left?

There are 61 cows in a field. 37 cows got moved into another field. How many cows are left in the field?

The tree had 91 apples. I picked 45 and put them into my basket. How many apples are left on the tree?

There are 87 children in Year 3 at school. 35 went out of school for a school trip. How many Year 3 children are left at school?

The dog had 61 puppies. The owner sold 24 of them. How many puppies did she have left?

Spend the rest of your day reading books and exploring your favourite stories. You could even complete some role play with people in your family.

As it is World Book Day today, please have a look at this fascinating video by Stephen Fry focusing on the enormous benefits of having the subtitles on when you are watching the TV has for your reading.

Tomorrow is your final day at home before you return to school on Monday. I am really looking forward to seeing you all.

Please send me lots of pictures of your activities today. I look forward to seeing what you have got up to.

Mrs Farrier

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