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Today is WORLD BOOK DAY!. Usually, we would be dressing up in school as our favourite book character. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that but do not worry we are going to enjoy getting dressed up in the summer term.

Our author this half term is David McKee and he writes the Elmer stories. What better way to celebrate World Book Day than enjoying lots of fun activities based on the Elmer stories. I am going to put a range of activities below for you to enjoy over the day.

If you would like to join the zoom session at 2pm we will read an Elmer story together.

First, start your day by watching the video of Elmer. Talk about the story to your family. What do you like about this story? Why does Elmer want to be the same as the others?

Activity 1: Think about what makes you different from other people. Are you the same as your friends or are you different? What colour hair do you have compared to your family? What things do you enjoy doing? Are they different to people in your family?

Activity 2: Explore some colours and patterns to make your very own elephant. You could draw a picture of an elephant to colour in or you could use sponges to paint the picture of Elmer. Can you think of a name for your elephant? Look at some ideas below:

Sponge Painted Elmer the Elephant - Buggy and Buddy
Workout Wednesday | Cairns Early Childhood Centre

Activity 3: Create some Elmer biscuits. You could do this by using a rich tea or digestive biscuit and then decorating it using different coloured icing to make it look like an elephant or you could try and make your own biscuits in the shape of an elephant and then decorate it. Then the best part – enjoy eating them!!

For the rest of the day enjoy reading some stories with your family. I hope you all have a lovely day. Tomorrow is our last day of home learning and then we are back to school on Monday. I am very excited and I can not wait to see your smiley faces on Monday morning.

Miss Stone.

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