Good morning Year 3. Today is your second to last day of home learning and it is going to be lots of fun because it is World Book day.

Did you know that turning subtitles on can improve your child’s reading? The video below explains more


Zoom calls will continue at the usual times and the links can be found on the year 3 home learning page.


Mrs Porter’s group

monarch, monarchy, conquer, revolt, heir, empire, material, properties, transparent, flexible, metal, plastic

Common exception words: although, thought

Mrs Robinson’s group

Spelling rule: I can spell words with the ai, a_e, ay sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey.

vein abseil beige feint rein reign surveillance veil

weigh eight neighbour sleigh neigh freight eight height

Common exception words: length, library

  1. Unscramble the spellings below

Mrs Porter’s group

chmonary, ticpals, eeqnu, ginK, pireme

Mrs Robinson’s group

neiv, eghiw, ieght, viel.

2. Write your spellings as pyramids



Your first task for World Book Day is to use the internet to research our focus author for this half term, Pamela Oldfield or an author of your choice. You can print the fact file below or you can create your own in your book.

The next activity is a fun game that you can play at home. You will need at least one other person to play this game with you.

Cut out the cards below or make your own using paper from your pack.

Place the cards face down and select a card. Put the card on your head or hold it there so that you cannot see it but the people playing with you can. You must ask them questions to try and work out who you are. I have left some of the cards blank so that you can add some of the characters from your favourite books.

e.g. Am I a human?

Am I a boy?

Do I climb a beanstalk?

The GruffaloWilly Wonka from Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory
Harry Potter
Little Red Riding HoodMatildaCat in the Hat



Today you will be completing some maths activities linked to World Book Day.

The first activity will allow you to practice your recall of addition and subtraction facts.

The next activity requires you to read the problems carefully and work out the answers using addition, subtraction or multiplication.


As it is World Book Day, this afternoon we will be continuing with some World Book Day tasks.

Task 1

Can you complete the table below?

I have given you a list of characters but can you tell me a story that they can be found in? Some of the characters can only be found in a specific books but others can be found in many. I have given you an example.

Flopsy BunnyPeter Rabbit
Perfect Peter
A princess
Ron Weasley
A dragon
Charlie Bucket
A chicken
A monkey
Miss Honey
A mouse

Task 2

Which story will you choose?

Just for fun

Here is a wordsearch for you to complete.

Here is a crossword for you to try. It is quite tricky!

Now why not relax and enjoy reading a book.

Remember to send any completed work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk, it would be lovely to see what you have been up to on World Book Day.

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