Good morning Year 5 and welcome back! I hope you have had a lovely week off and enjoyed time at home with your loved ones. I hope to see you all very soon. Have fun working today.

Mr Farrier

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Look, cover, write, check –

Your new spellings for this week are below. I want you to write out each spelling twice. Once you have written them out using look, cover, write, check, I want you to apply 5 of them into a complex sentence.

discussion, discomfort, disgusting, distracted, discretely, disturbing, discovery, dissolves, dismount, distress, denominator, decimal, perimeter, analogue, geometric, acute, obtuse, isosceles

Mrs Robinson’s group –

lamb, limb, doubt, comb, climb, science, scenic, scissors, solemn, psalm, autumn, column, knight, knuckle, knife


SPAG (15 minutes): Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases are really useful for writing descriptions of places or events. A prepositional phrases is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun. These can either be used within the sentence or as an opener.

Here are some examples.

The boy near the window is a football player.

Under the crashing waves, a school of dolphins swam happily.

Task 1 – add a prepositional phrases to complete these sentences.

The girl hid ____________________________ during a game of hide and seek.
On Wednesday, Darcy sprinted __________________________ to get to the dinner hall first.
_____________________________ mum stored the vacuum cleaner.
_____________________________ planes flew taking passengers on holiday.

Task 2 – Now create four sentences of your own. Two of the sentences must have a prepositional phrases as an opener and the other two sentences must have the prepositional phrases within the sentence.

Writing (45 minutes): To write a diary entry

This half term you are going to be focusing on non fiction writing. You will be writing chronological reports and diary entries. Our text is going to be Stig of the Dump. Even though the text we are using is a fiction text, we will be using non fiction writing techniques throughout the half term. Today, I want you to listen to the first chapter of our story. Then, once you have listened, I want you to write me a diary entry. This is your blind write. I want you to write as if you are Barney. Watch my input video below which will explain further what I want you to do.


Maths Meeting: Recap previous learning (15 minutes)

Maths: Recapping number – addition (45 minutes)

This week, we are going to recap using addition. We will look at common misconceptions and how we can use addition to problem solve.

Task –


VIPERS task –

For reading this afternoon I would like you to read a book to an adult. Record the following in your writing book.

Whilst reading, please can you select some tricky vocabulary words from your text and clarify these words. What do they mean? Why are they used? Use the internet to help you if you don’t know what they mean.

Also, whilst reading, look at some difficult explanation phrases you might not understand and ask a parent what they mean. If you are still struggling, type it in google and write down what you find.

At the end of your reading session, I would like you to summarise what has happened. What did you learn? What did you not expect?

When you’ve done that, take some time to just relax and read for another 5 or 10 minutes. Enjoy your reading time.


Earth and Space

We are moving onto our new topic in Science which is Earth and Space. Today’s lesson is all about recapping the planets and finding facts about each planet.

Can you remember the names and order of the 8 planets? Remember, Pluto is not classed as a planet no more because it was too small. Therefore, it is now identified as a dwarf planet.

Your task today is to draw the planet, name it and then research facts about each planet. If you do not want to draw it, please use the template below to help you. These are the certain facts I want you to find out.

  • How many moons it has?
  • When it was discovered?
  • How many miles from the sun?
  • What it is made of?
  • The temperature of it?
  • How many days are in a year on that planet?

Well Done

I am proud of your efforts.

Well done,

Mr Farrier.