Hello Year 2! I hope you have had a lovely week and managed to have plenty of rest and fun with your family. Our weekly learning is going to continue and work exactly the same as before half term. English and Maths zoom sessions will take place as normal if you need any help with your work. The English zoom session is at 10am, the Maths zoom session is at 11:30am and the afternoon zoom session is at 2:15pm.

Here is your timetable for today…



Over the next couple of weeks, you are going to work on the Year 2 Common Exception Words. These words don’t follow any rules or patterns but it is important that you know how to spell them and how to use them in sentences.

many, any, only, would, should, after, door, improve, floor, poor, parents, clothes, busy, again, even, everybody

Please read your weekly spellings which are in the box above and make sure you know what they all say. After you have done that, please complete look, cover, write and check. Finally, please choose 6 of them to put into sentences. Can you include more than one spelling in a sentence?

English Starter

I hope you are ready to be the punctuation police! I really need your help. Have a look at the passage of writing below. There are 9 capital letters missing and 5 full stops missing. Re write the passage with the correct punctuation.

during half term i had lots of fun with my family we went on daily walks and played lots of games sometimes i got a bit bored but then i watched a movie with my sister ebony on friday we went to redcar and got fish and chips they were delicious


Watch the video below and I will explain more about our English learning this half term.

So you now know that we are going to be completing work on non-chronological reports. Remember please don’t google and find out any information about this genre yet – I want you to try and figure out the key ingredients yourself first.

Below, you can see two non-chronological reports. Have a look at them and then write this heading in your book: What are the key ingredients of a non-chronological report? When I say key ingredients, I mean everything that needs to be included in a non-chronological report, for example, factual information, conjunctions might be another one. Please write down everything that creates a good non-chronological report.


In your Maths lesson today, you are going to complete lots of little tasks linked to our learning last half term. Please work through the different activities. If you find one of the tasks difficult or if you forget how to do something, don’t worry and please let me know and I can teach the skill again in Maths Meetings over the next couple of weeks.

3 x 2 =
7 x 2 =
5 x 5 =
10 x 10 =
9 x 2 =
9 x 5 =
4 x 5 =
8 x 10 =
1 x 10 =
2 x 3 =
6 x 3 =
2 x 4 =
12 ÷ 2 =
10 ÷ 5 =
20 ÷ 10 =
18 ÷ 2 =
30 ÷ 5 =
90 ÷ 10 =
120 ÷ 10 =
12 ÷ 2 =

Write down 5 ways to make 10p – remember to use the right coins.

Write down 5 ways to make 50p – remember to use the right coins.

£2 + £5 + 40p + 2p = £____ and ____ pence
£10 + £1 + 10p + 5p = £____ and ____ pence
£20 + £4 + 20p + 10p + 2p = £____ and ____ pence
One toy train costs 20p.
How much would 3 toy
trains cost?

A lolly is 10p. A biscuit is 5p.
How much would it cost for
3 lollies and 4 biscuits

Use column addition and column subtraction to work out the following calculations.

32 + 21 =
16 + 42 =
15 + 71 =
24 + 55 =
46 – 21 =
54 – 22 =
76 – 35 =
89 – 50 =


For reading today, I want you to start by summarising a book you have previously read. When I say summarising, I mean write three or four sentences to tell me what the book was about.

After you have done that, please complete the 60 second read below. Read the text twice out loud and time how long it takes you to read it both times. Then, answer the questions. For question number 4, please use because in your answer.


This half term, we are going to be learning all about flowers. To begin our Science learning, we are going to be looking at the following words: petals, flower, stem, roots, leaves. Please draw a flower on a piece of paper and label it using the words I have mentioned above in blue. After you have done that, please write down the jobs of the parts of a flower. Have a look at my example below to help you.

Well done Year 2!

You have worked exceptionally hard today, well done! I hope you haven’t found today too challenging, it is always hard getting back into things after a week off. If there are any parts of today’s learning which your child has struggled with, please let me know.

Email me your work : rprice@handale.rac.sch.uk

Mrs Farrier