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Tuesday 2nd March


Group 1

break, most, sure, would, improve, floor, clothes, money, half, water, sugar, prove

Group 2

some, school, house, love, said, were, one, their, people, asked

Group 3

his, go, the, they, by, he, me, so, when, like

TASK: Create number sentences to see how much each word is worth

TASK: Now, order your spellings in order from the lowest value number to the highest value number.


Read the following words and write them down. Can you add sound buttons?




Use the words and apply in a sentence.


Sometimes past tense verbs don’t follow the rule (add -ed) from the present tense verb like REGULAR verbs do.

These verbs are still past tense but they are called IRREGULAR. They DO NOT follow a pattern.

Watch the video below:

TASK: Complete the irregular past tense verb for the present tense verbs on the video and write a sentence for each (4 of them)

Now, have a go at the irregular verbs underneath. What would they be?

English zoom meeting for more support

Meeting ID: 881 4971 3993

Password: 93ubP1


Maths – Statistics

Maths meeting (15 mins)

Choose a number between 0 and 10.

Move around the game board using mental addition and subtraction.

What number do you finish up with?

Maths Lesson (45 mins)

Continuing to look at pictograms.

Remember each picture doesn’t always represent 1. If the picture means 2, we count in 2’s.

TASK: Complete the questions above.

We can use other numbers to represent a picture in a pictogram.

The one below use one picture=5

see example below

TASK: Draw a pictogram for the cake bake sale below. Remember………1 picture = 5

Maths zoom link meeting for you to pop into if you are struggling with today’s learning in maths.

Meeting ID: 815 9173 0737

Password: 5GcZ7j



Here are the first 2 pages from one of our new books.

“Dirty Bertie – Worms”

TASK: Read the text and answer the following questions

  1. What do you think Bertie had for his breakfast?
  2. Why was Bertie’s mum cross?
  3. Who is Whiffer?
  4. How did Bertie clean the spoon?
  5. Which verb describes how the post came through the letterbox?
  6. Why was Bertie so excited to get a letter?
  7. Who do you think the letter is off?

The Queen can’t just choose who she wants to be the next King or Queen. It all depends on who is the Heir to the Throne (next in line)

TASK: To create a Royal Family tree to decide who will be the next King or Queen.

You will need to add the children of Prince William and Prince Harry


-The Queen and her husband Prince Philip go at the top of the family tree.

-They had 4 children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

-Prince Charles marries Diana and had 2 children Prince William and Prince Harry

-Prince William married Kate and has 3 children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Prince Harry married Meghan and has 1 child, Archie.

Now, who will be the next King or Queen?

The Heir to the Throne is the Queens 1st child. Then it goes down the line to their first child and so on.

TASK: Can you draw a line to the people who are in line to the Throne?

Afternoon zoom meeting for you to come along to if you are struggling with any part of the lesson this afternoon.

Meeting ID: 856 8839 6853

Password: taB6Ev


Well done everyone, another great day of learning today! It’ll soon be next week and all back together 🙂

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