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Tuesday 2nd March

Keep working hard!

Mr Farrier

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Mr Farrier’s English Zoom Meeting

Time: 10:00 – 10:30am


Meeting ID: 994 1240 0082

Passcode: year5

Mr Farrier’s Maths Zoom Meeting

Time: 11:30 – 12:00am


Meeting ID: 971 9522 2708

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Mr Farrier’s Afternoon Zoom Meeting

Time: 2:15 – 3:00pm


Meeting ID: 978 6001 0732

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Spelling wordsearch

Today, I want you to find out spellings within the word search. Once you have finished your word search, use the blank template below and create a word search of your own with this week’s spellings.

ought, bought, thought, nought, brought, fought, rough, tough, enough, chough, cough, though, although, dough, through, breakthrough, thorough, borough, programme, queue.

Mrs Robinson’s group –

families, dictionaries, stories, journeys, memories, countries, varieties, factories, responsibilities, opportunities, businesses, accident, accidentally, believe, bicycle.


SPAG (15 minutes): Handwriting

Next week, as you know, we are back at school. I want you to get your handwriting back to your best standard. We are going to focus on writing words which contain a ‘p’. Remember when you are using cursive writing each letter needs to join. A ‘p’ is a descender so it must go beneath the line and make sure the rest of your letters are the same size. I want you to do the four words I have done for you and then you do four of your own.

Writing (45 minutes): To chronologically order events

You are going to be given chunks of text from the first two chapters. Your job is to read what they say and then order the events in chronological order. What does chronological order mean? If you are unsure, search it. Why would you order something in chronological order? Once you have ordered the events of the story, you will then create your own paragraph to go at the end of chapter 2. There is no video today because I want to see what you can create on your own.

Your chapter needs to include the following.

  • Complex sentence
  • Range of exciting openers
  • Sentences of three
  • Embedded relative clause
  • Powerful verbs and adjectives

Here is your text you need to order in chronological order.


Maths Meeting: Recap previous learning (15 minutes)

Maths: Recapping number – multiplication (45 minutes)

Today, we are going to recap using division. We are going to continue using long division. It is important you watch the video to help you with your recap. The better you become with your times tables the easier you are going to complete division questions.

Task –



Today, you are to complete a little VIPERS session on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you have the book, please read the first chapter and then complete the following questions. If you don’t have the book, listen to the chapter on Youtube and then complete the questions.


We are going to talk about kindness. Next week we are returning to school and I know we will have some afraid children and children who are nervous about being back in big groups, after spending so much time isolating alone with family. Therefore, it is important that when we are all back together we are kind to each other and help each other out where we can. Watch the video below and then complete the following tasks.


  1. Watch the Helper’s High video.
    a) Draw your own picture of a body. Label the different parts of the
    body that kindness can help.

    b) Make a list of 3 things you can do today to be kind to someone.
    Perhaps you could write a letter to thank the doctors and nurses
    who are helping to keep us safe and healthy…do something to help
    a family member…or maybe play a game that your brother or sister
    wants to play? Anything at all you can think of to help someone

    c) Do your kind things AND when you are doing them, really pay
    attention to how you feel inside. Do you feel happier? Or calmer?
    How long does that feeling last?

Well Done

I am proud of your efforts.

Well done,

Mr Farrier.


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