Good morning, Year 3. Well done for your efforts yesterday. Keep it up – it’s almost half term!

Remember, I have set you all a challenge to improve your recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Practice these tables everyday and ask an adult to test you on them daily.


Zoom calls will continue at the usual times and the links can be found on the year 3 home learning page.


Mrs Porter’s group

Suffix – tion

animation, operation, narration, quotation, elation, rotation, levitation, relation, dictation, formation, deviation, restoration

Mrs Robinson’s group

Words ending in a g sound made with gue.

analogue, league, colleague,  catalogue,  dialogue, plague, vague, fatigue,  intrigue, vogue,  rogue,  monologue

  1. Write you spellings out using pyramids.
  2. Pick 3 spellings that you find the most challenging to use in sentences. Can you include the conjunctions when, if and so in your sentences?


First, watch the video below and practice your r formation. Then practice the joins on the sheet below.




Today, you will be writing your resolution and ending paragraphs. Watch the videos below and follow the instructions.


Maths Meeting



Today in reading, you will be using the text from yesterday’s lesson and answering VIPERS questions about the text

Read the text below again and answer the questions.


Listen to the song below and then answer the questions.

  1. Discuss the following questions with an adult or someone in your household. You do not need to write the answers down.
  2. Do you like the song?

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don’t.

  • What can you hear?

How many singers can you hear?

Which instruments can you hear?

Is the tempo fast, slow or in between?

Is the music loud or quiet?

  • What style of music is it?
  • How has the song been put together?

How many verses?

How many times do you hear the chorus?

2. For your final task today, I would like you to finish learning to sing the song Three Little Birds and perform it.


Warm up: Video game – Ask an adult to call out the commands below.

Fast Forward – Run

Rewind – Backwards

Pause – Stop

Record – Pull a silly face

Slow Motion – Walk at half speed


I would like you to create a tornado dance this week. I would like you to include the moves below in your dance.

Well done year 3. You have completed another day of home learning. Now it is time to relax with a story. Maybe you could use some of your time this afternoon to go on TTRS to practice your times tables.

Don’t forget to send your work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk