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Tuesday 9th February

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all up and ready for another day of home learning. If you haven’t participated in the Morning Motivate session yet, why don’t you give it a try tomorrow morning? It is a brilliant way to start your day and it might give you a bit more energy.

Your timetable for today…




Have a look at your spellings above. First, please read each one and then close your eyes and spell them out loud. Split the words into the two syllables when you are reading them, it will be easier to spell. After you have done that, you need two coloured pencils. You will be splitting the word into two syllables to write them done, look at my example below.

English Starter

Below, you can see 8 sentences. I want you to read the sentences and talk to someone in your family about where the apostrophes should go. For the first four sentences, I have forgotten to use apostrophes for possession. For the second four sentences, I could join two of the words in each sentence to make a contraction. Can you spot which two words? I have given you a clue in the first sentence. Please don’t write them out, have a discussion.

The little girls hat was pink and sparkly.
Toms cat had evil eyes and sharp teeth.
I went to the shop and Millies mum was in there.
Jessicas hair is as golden as the sun.

I do not want to go to school.
My mum could not wait to go to the swimming pool.
She is my best friend.
He will like my new shoes.


In English today, you are going to be working on sentence types. In Year 2, there are 4 sentence types which you have to know. They are:

  • Command – tells you what to do and starts with a verb.
  • Statement – tells you a fact or idea about a single topic.
  • Question – a sentence which requires an answer.
  • Exclamation – a sentence that expresses a strong emotion.

I would like you to try and challenge yourself today and complete three more sentence types:

  • Compound sentence – a sentence that has two clauses joined with a co-ordination conjunction (and, but, so, or)
  • Complex sentence – a sentence that has two clauses joined with a subordinating conjunction (when, because, if, after, while)
  • List of 3 – a sentence using a comma and and to list three things.

Watch the video below and I will explain what I would like you to do.


Start your maths session by completing the Maths Meeting below.

Write down 10 ways to make the number 50.

Write down 10 ways to make the number 75.

Can you use both addition and subtraction? I wonder if any of you could challenge yourself to use multiplication or division.

Today, we are going to be counting in 3s. Start by writing out your numbers 1-50 and separate each one with a comma just like I have done below. After you have done that, I want you to jump in threes and circle each number you land on. I have started doing that on mine below to show you what I want you to do.

After you have completed that, count in threes out loud to someone in your house. Then, complete the activities on the sheets below.


Watch the video below and complete the reading activity. Your reading questions are focused on VIPERS – you are getting very good at this now!


You are going to be showing me what fantastic artists you are this afternoon. Have a look at the sketches below of London during and after the Great Fire. Can you recreate these images? You might need to use a ruler to make sure your lines are nice and straight.

Well done Year 2!

Your work for today is complete. You have worked exceptionally hard again. Please send me your work so I can see what you have completed. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed everything, as long as you have tried your hardest.

Mrs Farrier

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