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Wednesday 10th February

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Good morning Year 4, well done to all those who are still sending work in. it is great to see how hard you are trying. Have a fantastic day and stay positive. Only 2 more days till half term!

I hope you enjoyed the snow too! 🙂

Spelling (15 minutes)

Today in spelling, you will be practising your Magic 20 words. I would like you to use the spelling scribble method. Draw a scribble in your book, use lots of colours and fill in the gaps with your Magic 20 spellings.

these those always going were people every little because above scared

Scared their they’re remember white decide replied quiet nervous someone threw ancient creature whole taught minute castle situation believe notice

PaG (15 minutes)

In todays PaG session I would like you to explore possessive apostrophes.

An apostrophe can be used to show that one thing belongs to or is connected to something. This is called a possessive apostrophe.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

The cat’s tail was fluffy.

Cat is a singular noun so you need to add an apostrophe and “s” to show that the tail belongs to the cat.

Charles’ cat was naughty.

Charles is a singular noun that ends in an “s”, so you need to add an apostrophe to show that the cat belongs to Charles.

The brothers’ feet were muddy.

Brothers is a plural noun that ends in an “s” so you don’t add another “s” after your apostrophe. You can just add an apostrophe to show the feet belongs to the brothers.

The children’s toys were broken

Children is a plural noun but it doesn’t end with an “s” so you need to add an apostrophe and “s” to show that the toys belong to the children.

Watch the video with the link below and complete the quiz. Make sure to send your scores over.


English (1 hour)

Writing (45 minutes): To create a newspaper article about your character

Today you are going to continue with your creative cartoon writing. Using your character you created yesterday, you are going to create a wanted poster for it. Your character has committed some bad crimes and has caught the Road Runner. The village people are furious as they love Road Runner and they want to find your evil character. Try and include these features below.

  • Newspaper name
  • Short and snappy headline
  • Write your report in third person (he, she, it, they)
  • Write your report in past tense
  • A picture with a caption
  • Quotes from people who might have seen your animal
  • The 5 W’s in your opening paragraph (where it was last spotted, why it is important you find it, what it looks like, who the article is about and when it was last spotted.
  • 3 paragraphs – opening, main paragraph (most detail about the animal using facts and opinions) and a conclusion.

Look at the example below, they show the features above. Be creative as your possibly can with the language you use and make sure you use a range of sentence types to make it an exciting newspaper article. I have added a template you may want to print out and use but if you can, try and create your own.

English Drop in

Topic: English drop in Year 4

Time: 10:00-10:30am


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

Maths Meeting (15 minutes)

Maths (45 Minutes)

Today in Maths, you will be continuing with Area. In todays session, you will be counting squares. This is because area is the space inside a 2D shape. Listen to the video and complete the questions. Pause when needed. Can you have a go at the challenge? I will be on the zoom call from 11:30am -12:00pm if you need some help.

Maths Drop in

Topic: Maths Drop in Year 4

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78



1. What tense is the story written in? How do you know?
2. Find another word for “darting”.
3. What is a heroine?
4. Why does the author describe Goldilocks as “scandalous”?

Vipers Questions

I What does the author want us to feel about Goldilocks in the second paragraph?

P Write another paragraph that would fit before the first one in the story.

E Explain why Goldilocks might also be another famous girl from a fairy tale.

R What did Goldilocks have in her pocket as she fled?


This afternoon in P.E, I would like you to have a stretch. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints.

Get up, get ready and get stretching!

Afternoon Drop in

Topic: Afternoon Drop in Year 4

Time: 2:15pm-2:45pm


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: A4uJ78

End of Day

Well done year 4, you have completed another day of online learning. Make sure to have a go at the mental health and well-being task that was set on Marvellous Me. 

Please try and upload your child’s work by completing the submission below. Please note, your child’s work will not be published on the website, it will be sent privately to the class teacher. Alternatively, if you have trouble uploading it below, please email the work over using the email address below.



Daily Work Feedback – Year 4

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