Good morning, Year 3. Well done for completing your home learning yesterday. You have made a great start to the half term.

This week, please make sure that you continue to use Spelling Shed and TTRS in addition to your home learning.


Zoom calls will continue at the usual times and the links can be found on the year 3 home learning page.


Mrs Porter’s group

This weeks spellings are homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. You will need to know the meanings for the words so make sure you spend time clarifying the meaning this week.













Mrs Robinson’s group

Words ending in a k sound made using que.













Mrs Porter’s group activities:

  1. Write your spellings in pyramids.
  2. Put the correct homophone into the sentences below.

I got out the scales to measure the __________ of the flour.

I had a _________ day at the beach.

I can ________ a car alarm beeping outside.

I had a relaxing __________ in between English and maths.

I ________ a sandwich, crisps and an apple for my lunch.

Mrs Robinson’s group activities:

  1. Write your spellings out in pyramids
  2. Put the correct spellings in the sentences below so that the sentences make sense.

The monster was ___________________________.

I wrote a _______________________ because I owed my friend some money.

The footballer had great _______________________________ when he dribbled the ball.



Today we will be focussing on using the past tense. Watch the video below and then complete the activities.


Today in English you will be looking at an example of a diary entry and identifying the key ingredients.

Your first task for today is to read the diary entry below and think about the following questions.

  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Can you identify any of the key ingredients of this text?

Don’t worry if you are unsure about the questions above because I will explain more in the video.

Dear Diary,

What an unbelievable day today has been! It started like any other Monday but ended with me owning my very own horse.

This morning, I woke up when my cat pounced on my bed and I went to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. Unfortunately, all that was left to eat was the last piece of stale bread and a few crumbs of cheese so my belly was still rumbling when I had finished. While I sat and stroked the cat, Grandfather appeared. Roughly, he told me I was late for work so I quickly left the house and dashed towards the stables. I’ve been late a few times now and I can’t afford to lose my job.

When I arrived at the stables, Millicent was waiting for me. She was wearing a beautiful dress, an emerald necklace and her hair looked as smooth as silk.  “I have a gift for you,” she told me. Jumping for joy, I felt so excited because poor gardeners like me don’t usually receive gifts from rich people. Next, she led me to the stables and told me that she was giving me her horse Dandy. “My husband wants to buy me a more elegant horse to ride,” Millicent explained. Can you believe it, Diary? A huge grin spread across my face and I stammered my thanks. While I carried on with my gardening work, I could hardly concentrate because of my excitement at knowing I would be riding Dandy home at the end of the day.

After I had finished my work, I saddled up Dandy, jumped on and set off. Galloping home quickly, I saw an old woman washing clothes in the river and I pretended I was the King by giving her a gracious wave. I felt so important riding Dandy and it made me think about my dream of one day meeting King Henry and becoming his gardener. I do hope that if I work hard enough, one day my dream will come true. Finally, I arrived home and shouted for Grandfather. When he saw Dandy, he couldn’t believe his eyes and I told him all about what had happened today. It has been the best day of my life and I can hardly wipe the smile from my face. I am no longer just Hal Dibden. Now, I am the owner of my very own pony.

I will write again tomorrow.


Your task for today is to identify examples of the following key features of diary entries throughout the text.

  • Written in the first person
  • Inverted commas ” ” for direct speech
  • Adverbials of time
  • Addresses the diary directly
  • Describes the authors thoughts and feelings
  • Written in the past tense


Maths Meeting



Today is our reciprocal reading session and you will be taking on several roles today. Please read the text below before completing the task.


  1. Clarify – Choose 2 words from the text that you think others might need explaining and clarify each word.
  2. Summarise – Write 2 sentences to summarise the text.
  3. Predict – Write 2 sentence to predict what might happen next.
  4. Question – Write 2 questions for someone else to answer about the text.


Today we will be beginning our new science topic of materials.

Usually we would complete our pre-assessment in school but instead I would like you to try to answer the questions below to show me what you already know about materials. Try to do this work on your own.

  1. Can you name each of the objects below and the material it is made from?


Lego is made of plastic.

2. Can you name 5 materials and describe some of their properties?

Example: GlassTransparent, waterproof and hard.


4. Sort the objects into the table below.

Well done for completing todays home learning. Now relax with a story.

Remember to send any completed work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk