Zoom calls will continue at the usual times and the links can be found on the year 3 home learning page.


Today, you will be recapping some tricky word spellings.







Make sure that you can read and know the definitions of the words.

Complete the word search below.



Today, you will be recapping identifying sentence types.

Simple sentence – one main clause that makes sense on its own.

Compound sentence – Two main clauses joined by a coordiinating conjunction (and, but, so, or)

Complex sentence- A main clause and a subordinate clause joined by a subordinating conjunction (because, when, if after, while, before)

Multi-clause sentence – A sentence that includes more than one conjunction and multiple clauses.

Identify whether the sentences below are simple, compound, complex or multi-clause sentences and tick to show which they are.

Hal fell from Dandy and hurt himself.
King Henry was extremely powerful so many people were scared of him.
Hal believed he could become King Henry’s gardener if he worked hard enough.
Dandy was hungry so he stopped at some flowers and gobbled them up.
Hal was late for work so he ran as fast as he could.
Hal felt very happy.
Hal felt important riding Dandy so he waved at a woman like a King and made her laugh.

Today, you will be revisiting sentences of 3. You will be describing King Henry VIII, the King who Hal hopes to work for some day.

Remember, a sentence of 3 should include 2 commas and an and and should describe 3 things about the character.

Think about how you start your sentences of 3. Could you include a fronted adverbial of place e.g. On his body, On his feet or a fronted adverbial of manner e.g. Fiercely, Powerfully,

Use my examples below to help you.

King Henry had a round face, a thick beard and a fierce look in his dark eyes.

On his body, King Henry wore an expensive jewelled hat, a magnificent golden chain and fluffy fur lined clothes.

Look at the images of Henry VIII below and write your own sentences of 3 about Henry VIII.

Henry VIII portrait: copy of Holbein painting expected to sell for £1m |  Painting | The Guardian
Portrait of Henry VIII - Wikipedia
Painting young king | King Henry VIII, after Holbein's Whitehall mural.  Petworth House, the ... | Hans holbein the younger, Henry viii, King henry


Maths Meeting

You will be revisiting written subtraction in today’s maths meeting. This subtraction includes exchanging from the tens.

  1. 647 – 219
  2. 564- 238
  3. 872 – 144
  4. 378 + 149


Today is our reciprocal reading session and you will again be taking on several roles today. Please read the text below before completing the task.


  1. Clarify – Choose 2 words from the text that you think others might need explaining and clarify each word.
  2. Summarise – Write 2 sentences to summarise the text.
  3. Predict – Write 2 sentence to predict what might happen next.
  4. Question – Write 2 questions for someone else to answer about the text.


WOW, your pre-assessments last week were excellent. You all already know lots about materials. Today we are going to be learning even more and you will be showing me what you know about materials and their uses.

Task 1

Below is a list of some materials. I would like you to match the names to the pictures.

Plastic, cardboard, glass, paper, metal, brick, wood and rock.

Task 2

Task 3

Materials can be used in many different ways.

Well done, you have completed today’s home learning. Remember to send any completed work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk