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Magic 20

Today, I want you to use your magic spellings and create me a story. I want you to include these characters. A rhino, a horse, two monkeys and an ant. Make it as creative as possible and see how many magic spellings you can use in your story. When you use a magic spelling, underline it.

Magic spellings – extremely, different, special, finally, weird, straight, eventually, minute, definitely, exciting, additionally, frightened, damaged, absolutely, receive, poisonous, probably, fortunately, originally, adventure.


SPAG (15 minutes): Punctuation Police

I want you to look at the sentences below and correct the sentence using the correct punctuation. There is a range of punctuation missing, see if you can find it all.

Writing (45 minutes): To create a for and against arguement.

You are going to listen to chapter 4 of the story. Stig and Barney go hunting. Your job, once you have finished listening, is to create a ‘For and against’ argument. Create an argument to debate the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments about hunting. Watch my input video to understand further.


Maths Meeting: Recapping your times table (15 minutes)

I would like you to recall multiplication and division facts for your 6,7,8,9 and 12 times tables. Go up to 12 times the number and also divide by 12. For example. 12 x 6 = 72 and 72 divided by 6 = 12.

Maths: Recapping number – multiplication (45 minutes)

Today, you are going to be looking at a range of multiplication and division questions. You will be given a range of word problems where you will need to work out whether to use multiplication/division or both. Be brave and confident and have a good go. If you need a reminder on how to use any of the methods, use the videos from the previous two days.

Task –


Non fiction retrieval

Read the articles above and then complete the following retrieval questions.

  1. Why are electric eels called electric eels?
  2. How many species of knifefish are in America?
  3. What does Sport England’s latest survey show?
  4. Who has helped children keep active during the pandemic?
  5. What was awkward during a recent live workout class?
  6. Who is releasing Pokemon music?
  7. Which two companies part owns Pokemon?
  8. What will be released on the 30th April?


This will be the last art lesson before we come back to school. We are going to link it to our Science topic – Earth and Space. I want you to create me a colourful drawing of the solar system. You need to include the sun and how each planet orbits the sun. I want you to draw faintly and use many wonderful colours to show the different planets. You need to think about your planets and the size of them, should they all be the same size?

8 Solar System facts to wow students

Well Done

I am proud of your efforts.

Well done,

Mr Farrier.

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