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Today’s timetable

9am English

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Our learning challenge over the next few days is to write a piece of descriptive writing from the point of view of a professional footballer playing in the Cup Final. Each day, we will build our narrative up, developing it stage by stage.

Task 1

Here is a story starter sentence…

As the whistle blew, the crowd waited to see if the girl would get up from the tackle.

What mood or feeling does it create? Who is the girl? What might happen next?
Edit and improve this complex sentence and capture the interest of your reader. Could you add some adjectives or adverbs?

…the high-pitched whistle…

…the crowd patiently waited…

Is there a way in which you could give your reader some extra snippets of information (think parenthesis)?

Task 2

Write your second sentence. This is a good time to show whose point of view the story is from, by introducing a third-person narrator. For example, the story could be from a fan’s point of view.

From high up in the stands, I could see the pain on her face.

I’m sure you can do much better than Mr. Bell’s example.

Try using a sentence of 3.

I could see the mud on her shirt, the pain on her face and the bruise appearing on her leg.

Or could you use a drop in relative clause?

The pain on her face, which was now covered in mud, was clear to see.

Task 3

Develop your main character’s personality with a spider diagram.
You can use the one above, or draw your own and make up your own questions if you prefer.

10am Reading

10.30am Spelling

Today is Wednesday so I would like you to create syllable pyramids before choosing some of the words to put into sentences. For an extra challenge, put the words into complex sentences where the subordinating conjunction is at the beginning of the sentence. Think about your punctuation.

10:45am Break

11am Maths

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12pm Lunch

1pm History

In this lesson, we will learn more about where the Vikings came from, who they were and what they believed in. Click here to watch and join in the video lesson.

2pm Afternoon Zoom Drop In

If you have had any problems or worries during the day, click here to drop into this Zoom meeting and we can sort them together.

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